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    Welcome to India's first e-learning portal for learning Guitar, Keyboard and Piano. We use Skype to teach students online across the world with some students enrolling from as far as Beijing and New York. In addition, we have self learning e-lessons (Hindi and English Notation sheets)that could be learned from the comfort of your home. We are in the business of musical training since 1995.
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  • Guitar

    If you nurture a dream to strum guitar in front of an endless audience, we have a game plan. Join us as we meticulously prepare you to master playing techniques with Western Classical notation as our basis for teaching. Pick any type of guitar -Acoustic, Bass and Classical- and start emulating your idol - be it Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix!
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  • Keyboard

    Keyboard and piano training is available at all levels. While Western Classical notation will be our basis for teaching, the genre of music playing is essentially a student's choice. While state-of-the-art softwares enable students to attain perfection in music playing, you have options to prepare for Trinity Rock and Pop exams.
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  • Vocals

    How often has a shower handle folded up as a mike for you ? If its frequent, then you need to visit us. Singing skills, is partly God-given and partly also self-made. Our-state-of-the-art softwares enable students to improve pitching,tone,style,control as well as vocal range and power. Not the least, prepare for Trinity Rock and Pop exams. So step out of the bathroom today and sing for the world.
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We provide video conferencing, with online as well as offline courses for multiple musical instruments and even Music Softwares that will help you make your own music.

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Divergentquotient.com is the corporate arm of our website, which endeavours to help corporate employees think differently at work through methodical music training.

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 We use Western Staff Notation to teach you play English and Hindi Songs on various instruments & vocals.

Live shows at TITAN THANE every saturday 6.30 pm by our class students

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